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California Proposition 65 & Why It Matters

This is a regulation that applies to almost every business selling or distributing products that end up in California, including consumer products, toys, jewelry, building materials, food items, dietary supplements, clothes, furniture, raw materials, home decor, electronics, tools, and more.

Unlike other regulations, Proposition 65 (“Prop 65”) is enforced through civil litigation and has resulted in a lucrative industry of targeting non-compliant products, costing industry tens of millions of dollars each year (and it continues unabated). Proactively addressing this regulation helps reduce the potential for enforcement action, as well as the costs associated with any allegations.

Our experts provide robust and defensible compliance strategies that will ensure your products are compliant, reduce the risk of enforcement action, and help mitigate costs if your products are targeted.  And it need not be overly complex or costly.

Dedicated Proposition 65 Compliance Partner

RegTox Solutions is a specialized regulatory and toxicology consulting firm providing a full range of services to help your business comply with California Proposition 65. We help you reduce your risks of enforcement and get you ahead of any compliance issues before it becomes an expensive problem.

We conduct proactive product/formulation reviews, support analytical testing, conduct exposure assessments, evaluate warning requirements, provide compliance opinions, derive safe harbor limits, and help address retailer/customer certification requests.

We provide big firm expertise with small firm pricing.

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