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RegTox Solutions

RegTox Solutions is a specialized consulting firm that helps businesses comply with the requirements of California Proposition 65. We provide a unique and comprehensive approach to proactively investigate and address your requirements. If you have been served a Notice of Violation (NOV) we can assist in resolving the claim with your legal counsel.

Ask us about our wide range of Proposition 65-related services, including compliance statements/opinions/letters, safe harbor development, exposure assessments, analytical testing support, general consulting.


Tom Jonaitis

Tom Jonaitis is a board-certified toxicologist (Diplomate of the American Board of Toxicology, DABT), with 15 years of experience assisting companies to overcome complex scientific and regulatory obstacles, such as Proposition 65.

He has worked with many companies of all sizes around the world to address compliance with this regulation. As an expert in this field, he has presented various webinars on Proposition 65 compliance for large audiences, spoken at industry-leading conferences, and presented scientific posters on Proposition 65-related topics.

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Why Us?

RegTox Solutions strives to remove the stress and complexity of complying with Proposition 65 so you can focus on other matters. Whether you are a manufacturer, distributor, retailer, located in the U.S. or abroad, we are here to help.

With increasing pressures for Proposition 65 regulatory compliance from retailers and customers, having a dedicated and experienced partner, like RegTox, is vital for your success.

We provide very competitive pricing on all of our services and aim to be the the most valued and trusted Prop 65 consulting firm in the world Have questions?