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Proposition 65 Compliance Services

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There is a great deal of confusion surrounding Proposition 65 compliance, which can leave companies at risk of costly enforcement action. But this need not be the case with proper due diligence.

Partnering with an experienced team like RegTox can help your business address this regulation, quickly and cost-efficiently. We provide comprehensive but affordable support with all aspects of Proposition 65 compliance and guide you every step of the way.

Whether you are developing a new product or have a product line, large or small, we can identify your compliance risks and provide the solutions needed for mitigating them.  A brief overview of our services is described below in our 3-Stage Compliance Framework or reach out directly for a free consultation.


Stage 1 Services

First, we investigate whether you might have any Prop 65-listed chemicals in your product(s), based on the types of products you sell, what they are made of, and the potential for exposure.

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Stage 2 Services

Secondly, we assist in testing your product(s) to determine whether any Prop 65 chemicals are actually present and if so, at what concentration. We can help identify quality labs to make sure the results of testing are robust and you are getting the best prices (no middle-man mark-ups!).

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Stage 3 Services

Prop 65 warnings are based on human exposure, so in the 3rd stage, an exposure assessment is conducted to estimate whether use of the product results in exposure to any chemicals above the SHL, triggering a warning.

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Service Partners

In some cases, businesses require allied services to compliment the support provided by RegTox Solutions.
Below is a select list of service partners that may be of value to your company.

Environmental Compliance Data Services and Software

Supply chain consulting (automotive specialty)

Dietary Supplement Product Development Consulting/Support

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